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Good Eats, post #2


I had a lot of fun preaching yesterday. We were in part 3 of or current series Good Eats. You can dowload the mp3 of the talk here. I also got to fulfill one of my dreams and pretend to be a host on the food network. You can see that here.

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I am sitting at McDonald’s with my boys a little puzzled. We don’t come here very often for health reasons, but I figure every now and then is OK. Anyway, I ordered them each a cheeseburger, a small french fry to share and waters. I told them they could either get soft drinks or ice cream for dessert- they went with the ice cream. As I was watching them ring it up, I noticed the cheeseburgers cost $1.09. A very fair price. What has me puzzled is the price of the double cheeseburger. For the same sandwich with double the meat and double the cheese, the price is $1.00. What’s up with that? Are they that compelled to fatten us up? Anyway, I paid the extra $.18 and spared them the extra baggage. They’ll thank me for it later.

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Good Eats


We are in the middle of an original Athens Church series called “Good Eats”. The basic premise of the series is that we need to be “self feeders” when it come to our spiritual growth. We can’t just rely on the church to spoon feed us everything. The best food for the soul is Scripture. It’s “good eats.” So, Sean preached an introduction two weeks ago, and Charles preached last week. I will be preaching this Sunday. You can hear Sean and Charles’s messages on our “listen online” page.

For each week, we are putting together a food network type review of some of the most popular restaurants in downtown Athens. It’s been really fun. I’m headed to a vegetarian restaurant called The Grit to shoot mine today. You can see the last 2 week’s videos here and here.

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