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A Day at Chik-Fil-A

Our staff spent a day at the Chik-Fil-A headquarters in Atlanta, GA today. We spent some time in a training session with one of their top executives and took a tour of their corporate offices. The tour included the cafeteria (where they fed us lunch- incredible), a mini-museum of chik-Fil-A history, their fitness center and offices. We  got to visit Truett Cathy’s Office…

A replica of Willie Nelson (in Truett Cathy’s office)…

and a weird statue…

I’m not sure about the significance of the last two, but Mike did try to steal the recipe for the Chik-Fil-A sandwich…

The tour was fun, and it was good to experience the culture of servanthood and generosity that Chik-Fil-A exudes.  Here are some one liner takeaways from the session we spent on leadership…

  • Jesus was greatest leader in history.  He was a man of no reputation who led from influence, not position
  • Fish would be the last ones to discover water because they are surrounded by it.  We are rarely aware of how selfish our lives really are because it’s all around us.
  • My biggest leadership challenge will be overcoming my selfishness
  • It is always bad when we move from appreciating to expecting
  • Personally, we need to keep a running stream not a stagnant pool- we have to be a leader worth following
  • Only 1% of people have written self goals- I need to do this for my life
  • To become a “360 degree leader”, I must spend of my discretionary time 10% leading down, 50% in self leadership, 20% leading up and 20% leading across
  • When graduating from college, normally people focus on grades, resume and money
  • We should focus on talents (skills, knowlede, strengths), passions and adding value to an organization
  • Money should be the fruit of our labor not the object of it
  • Wanting to retire early proves you don’t like what you are doing
  • If you aren’t passionate about your job, your family suffers- you come home fully spent
  • Comparison is the thief of joy
  • “Do I want my kids working for him?” (the main question asked about a new Chik-Fil-A operator)
These are some great leadership lessons that I will be digesting for a long time.

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